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Blogtober Day 20: Water Fasting

Have you experienced days where your appetite has just been sucked out of you completely? That''s me today. I've had it before and I usually turn into a water fast. Simple! Drink water, more water and only water. I have friends who ask me why do girls always starve themselves when they are emo. So, why not say, we are just water fasting. Haha. Of course, water fasting when done with regular intervals has some physical benefits too. Like a basic cleanse, giving a rest to your digestive system and perhaps, just indulging in the raw taste of water. Whatever reason it maybe, allow yourself to feel your core emotions, listen to yourself and do whatever your gut feelings tell you. It's okay to be not okay. Water fast or stuffing yourself, do what it takes to help you push that extra mile today. Take care!

Blogtober Day 11: Just keep swimming....

Uhm, here's an embarrassing fact about me. I couldn't swim. At least till August this year. My recent snorkeling adventure brought my biggest fear out. Then, I decided to face my fears and take up swimming lessons. So, usually I spend my Sunday being beaten up in the pool by my swimming instructor. But hey, to my surprise, I have got better at it and I see myself improving over time. At least I am able to float, flap a little like a fish and I'm confident I can somehow survive in water. Haha. Sometimes I crack myself up. On a much serious note, what this experience taught me was it's never too late to learn something new. In the end of the day, it's the spirit to make yourself better and the intention to invest some time/effort for yourself that really counts. That's one down and another 99 new things left in life to learn. Chiow!

Blogtober Day 10: Busy, busy, busy!

Oh! I've gone MIA after my day off 5 days ago. Hahaha...One day off and I get back on my hurricane schedule, which is super amazing, of course, but I start slacking on my Blogtober and my challenge. I just have to get it together. Surprising schedule changes are incredible and a shock to my system at the same time. Oh well, I have a 'take whatever comes your way' kind of attitude. Everything is under control and I'm still surviving and smiling. Alrighty, let's FOCUS! It's all about the NOW, right? I had the most exhilarating, exhausting and busy day. Besides the usual yoga class teaching, I got to be apart of a beautiful yoga open day at Organica Lifestyle, here in KL. What an amazing crowd and amazing positive energy all around! Such a privilege to join the team and to get an opportunity to do a demo at their studio. My special thanks to Shantini, the founder of Organica and Amy for always making me feel at home and allowing me to share my yoga journey with t…

Blogtober Day 5: When the I get a day off from teaching......

I indulge myself with sleep, practice and friends. Having an entire day all to myself gives me the freedom to do a lot of things which I haven't been doing. 
1) Not waking up to an alarm. 2) Take my practice really slow and change up my routine. 3) Tuning inwards and reconnecting with myself. 4) Allowing the silence of my surroundings to spark some fresh ideas and I have to warn you, it can easily turn into loneliness and sadness, but that's alright.  5) Catching up on my girly times. 6) Since I'm a girl likes to be out and about all the time, catching up with a bunch of good friends is what makes the happiest most. 7) And... of course, Facebook, Instagram, music, cute dog/cat videos and more music!
I really had a joyous day and I hope you had the same :)

Blogtober Day 3: First day at Organica Lifestyle.

Starting a new class, a new opportunity always makes me feel renewed. Touching many more lives and hearts through the gift of yoga. Moreover, the privilege of meeting new people, new ideas and discovering an amazing space like Organica are just some of the perks of my life. The first time I walked into Organica, I was immediately attracted to their fresh and one of a kind concept. It's such a brilliant idea to incorporate a yoga studio, an organic store and a cafe serving whole food and juices all under one roof! Hoping for an exciting journey from this point forward, I had a very pleasant day and I'm ending this post with a bright smile :)

Blogtober Day 2: Mommy and daughter time.

The older I grow, the lesser time I spend at home. Although my work routine, social life, financial independence and time freedom have opened new doors of life for me, I don't spend much time with my family as I used to. For a change, I agreed to help my mother to run some errands and unexpectedly, one blunder led to another and she ended up staying at home the whole evening. To look at the brighter side, we decided to cook dinner together before my class. What I make out of today is, sometimes things may not happen according to your plan, disaster and setbacks occur when your least expect them. What matters during these times are how you decide to look at the scenario, keep yourself composed, and your reaction/actions will also affect the reactions/actions of the people around you. There is no set of rules to teach anyone. Personally, my yoga practice has helped me a lot to stay composed and even when I'm not, I tend to bounce back from these restless emotions way faster tha…


Day 1: Commit!
They say change is the only thing constant in life. It takes an open mind, courage and persistence to keep rolling with our ever evolving life. The rainstorm in Kuala Lumpur right now, at precisely 3.53 pm on the 30th of September, is adding an extra punch to this life sentiment. Haha! After spending the last 5 months “out of focus”, I admit I finally hit the wall this time. I took things for granted. I neglected my responsibilities. I don’t know how many yogis have been in my shoes, but I dare to confess. Whatever said and done, I have to keep moving forward. Realizing was my first step, so it will only be appropriate to take the necessary actions next.

For day 1 of blogtober, it’s all about committing! Sounds simple, but you have to put your heart, soul and mind into it. Blogtober and my Instagram yoga challenge is my commitment for this month. My blogtober series for this month is all about doing little things/changes towards contentment. Let's say 31 days of co…

A yogini's thought: Give up or try harder?

Good day to you! While pondering on a blog post idea, I thought why not share something that sparked my spirit recently. A mixture of good times and bad times is life. The circle of life as they say it. While experiencing a series of good things can be joyful and make you feel contented, it's the down times in life which  really puts us into the test and may possibly bring the worst out of us. Another cliche statement that I've heard is you get stronger as you get older. I beg to differ from this statement. At whatever age you may be, IT'S OKAY to be vulnerable and weak. One of the most important lessons taught to me over my two years course in yoga is to avoid suppression(thoughts and feelings) and masking emotions. Every individual, every thought and every emotion is valid. What I've noticed among my other Generation Y peers is that, vulnerability, freedom of expression and down to the simple aspect of being emotional is labelled as a weakness. This is when I realiz…

No plan is my new plan.

Let me say hi to whomever that may come across this post. If you're seeing my blog for the first time, I must say that I've been missing in action for the past 4 months. My blog space has been super quiet and basically, abandoned. Oh no, I don't feel guilty at all because I was too busy living my exciting life. Ever since returning from my adventurous trip from Kerala, I was provoked to go out and explore more exciting things in my city. I kept myself open to new activities, new events, new people and new experiences. New Facebook account, weddings, holi festival, new braces, street feeding, movie premieres, fellowship parties, beach vacation, snorkeling, and a whole bunch of new friends, just to name a few things that happened while I was away. I think photos can speak for themselves.

Although my life became very busy with social activities, which is super fun, no complaints but I began to reflect on my lifestyle earlier this month. And to my surprise, I came to a realiz…

Time flies when you're having fun!

I've been MIA for way too long. Well, I had a pretty awesome post birthday holiday trip and still experiencing a holiday hangover. I hopped on a tour to God's Own Country - Kerala. I spent 10 beautiful days in this magical place. It was a renewing experience and it taught me a lot about myself. Once I got back, I was inspired with new ideas and my creativity was sparked. I discovered that I love adventure, I love to explore a new place and I knew for sure that I want to travel more often to see the rest of the world. Ever since returning to Malaysia, I feel a new shot of energy and an indescribable sense of calmness. I feel new and alive. Here's a sneak peak of my journey around Kerala.

It's almost two weeks since I got back from India but my heart is still there. I wished the holiday could have been longer. I enjoyed every minute of my days in Kerala and I miss the moments. Oh well, now it's back to reality. But I'm not complaining because every single day of…

Sleep and Its Importance.

Remember the days when Mom used to say 'Time for bed!'. I personally feel the older we grow, the less we are bound to little instructions like this. No rules and definitely, no bed time. During my teens, I can recollect the many times I felt exhilarated because I could sleep whenever I want to without being watched over. Today, I have changed my opinion completely. I am convinced that sleep is the medicine to all wounds(physical, mental or emotional). Probably, the effect of intense yoga practices and teaching. I am nobody to tell you what is the right or wrong number of hours to sleep and I'm definitely not here to instruct you on how/when/where to sleep or to impose a bed time. Everyone has a different lifestyle, working hours and health conditions. I'm also aware some people have a FOMO (fear of missing out) and have an urge to be glued to their phones. Suit yourself and go to bed whenever you fancy a beauty sleep. The bottom line is, no one is to be forced, sleep …

Dear Blog, Happy Birthday!

Bliss with Yoga turns ONE today! It wouldn't be a birthday without some chocolatey goodness and sprinkles. 365 days ago, I remember posting my very first blog post titled 'A Fresh Start' and no turning back ever since. This journey has taught me many lessons, blessed me with exciting opportunities and allowed me to connect with people in real life and from the Internet. I started out with only 5 followers(who were all friends) and today, it has reached 250 followers and I don't even have that many friends in real life. Of course, I had my share of ups and downs but everything happens for a reason, right? Before I pour my heart out further, take a look at the photo below if you would like to try this super quick eggless brownies recipe.

Time to spill the tea. Maintaining a blog, creating contents and sticking to a schedule while trying to make a living, pursuing yoga and living a yogic lifestyle is super challenging. As this day was approaching, I was going back and fo…

Day 19: Chandra Namaskar / Moon Salutation

Moon salutation is a reflection of sun salutation and the only significant change is the addition of ardha chandrasana. The moon energy which flows in this sequence is associated with cooling, relaxing, creativity and consciousness. Mastering the steps in sun salutation will be helpful to adapt with moon salutation.

Time of practice: Evening/night, especially when the full moon is visible. Practice with empty stomach.

Duration: Repeat 3 to 7 rounds.

Steps Technique

Stand upright with your feet together. Place the palms together in front on your chest in namaskar mudra. Normal breathing.

As you INHALE, raise both arms, focusing on extending your torso and gently curve your back. Palms can be placed together in salutation.

EXHALE as you bend forward. Try to keep the legs straight and reach to hold any part of your leg.  Ideally, you can try to interlock your big toes with your thumb, index and middle fingers.

Day 18: Bandhas.

The word bandha means 'to hold', 'tighten' or 'lock' a specific part on the physical body. These are very important group of yogic practices. They have profound effects on the physical, pranic and mental levels.  Organs, muscles, nerves and various processes in the body are massaged and stimulated while the contraction/lock also affects the flow of prana within the body. Surprisingly, performing the bandhas contributes to the removal of mental blocks which hinder an individual from evolving.

Bandha Technique Benefits Jalandhara Bandha  

Contraindications:  Not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure and heart ailments. Sit in a comfortable position with knees in contact with the floorPlace your palms on your kneesExhale deeply, and hold the breath.Bring the chin in contact with your chest, and straighten your arms. Stay in this position for as long as you can comfortably hold your breath.Then, release the lock and inhale.Do not stra…

Day 15: Sheetali and Sheetkari Pranayama (Repost)

Can you imagine the feel of drinking a cold, sweet drink filled with ice cubes up to the rim of a glass. Imagine the cold sensation down your throat. We have all been there and done that. Sounds refreshing, doesn't it? Well, have you ever thought of what happens inside your body after gulping a liquid which is that cold. Ideally, the human body is supposed to be maintained at 37⁰C. Let's say your iced drink is at about 10⁰C, can you picture how hard your system has to work to maintain the temperature of all your internal organs at 37⁰C. If you have some knowledge of heat transfer or even basic science, you would have probably heard of latent heat and that theory applies to the human body as well. Enough said. I agree it's easier said than done. Especially, when the summer heat waves really gets on your last nerves. All I have to say is, we can't change the environment, but we can surely makes better choices. Opting for fruits and practicing the breathing technique tha…