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A yogini's thought: Give up or try harder?

Good day to you! While pondering on a blog post idea, I thought why not share something that sparked my spirit recently. A mixture of good times and bad times is life. The circle of life as they say it. While experiencing a series of good things can be joyful and make you feel contented, it's the down times in life which  really puts us into the test and may possibly bring the worst out of us. Another cliche statement that I've heard is you get stronger as you get older. I beg to differ from this statement. At whatever age you may be, IT'S OKAY to be vulnerable and weak. One of the most important lessons taught to me over my two years course in yoga is to avoid suppression(thoughts and feelings) and masking emotions. Every individual, every thought and every emotion is valid. What I've noticed among my other Generation Y peers is that, vulnerability, freedom of expression and down to the simple aspect of being emotional is labelled as a weakness. This is when I realiz…

No plan is my new plan.

Let me say hi to whomever that may come across this post. If you're seeing my blog for the first time, I must say that I've been missing in action for the past 4 months. My blog space has been super quiet and basically, abandoned. Oh no, I don't feel guilty at all because I was too busy living my exciting life. Ever since returning from my adventurous trip from Kerala, I was provoked to go out and explore more exciting things in my city. I kept myself open to new activities, new events, new people and new experiences. New Facebook account, weddings, holi festival, new braces, street feeding, movie premieres, fellowship parties, beach vacation, snorkeling, and a whole bunch of new friends, just to name a few things that happened while I was away. I think photos can speak for themselves.

Although my life became very busy with social activities, which is super fun, no complaints but I began to reflect on my lifestyle earlier this month. And to my surprise, I came to a realiz…