Blogtober Day 10: Busy, busy, busy!

Oh! I've gone MIA after my day off 5 days ago. Hahaha...One day off and I get back on my hurricane schedule, which is super amazing, of course, but I start slacking on my Blogtober and my challenge. I just have to get it together. Surprising schedule changes are incredible and a shock to my system at the same time. Oh well, I have a 'take whatever comes your way' kind of attitude. Everything is under control and I'm still surviving and smiling. Alrighty, let's FOCUS! It's all about the NOW, right? I had the most exhilarating, exhausting and busy day. Besides the usual yoga class teaching, I got to be apart of a beautiful yoga open day at Organica Lifestyle, here in KL. What an amazing crowd and amazing positive energy all around! Such a privilege to join the team and to get an opportunity to do a demo at their studio. My special thanks to Shantini, the founder of Organica and Amy for always making me feel at home and allowing me to share my yoga journey with them. I feel very blessed today and I hope you feel the same too. Sending love and light your way. 

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