Blogtober Day 11: Just keep swimming....

Uhm, here's an embarrassing fact about me. I couldn't swim. At least till August this year. My recent snorkeling adventure brought my biggest fear out. Then, I decided to face my fears and take up swimming lessons. So, usually I spend my Sunday being beaten up in the pool by my swimming instructor. But hey, to my surprise, I have got better at it and I see myself improving over time. At least I am able to float, flap a little like a fish and I'm confident I can somehow survive in water. Haha. Sometimes I crack myself up. On a much serious note, what this experience taught me was it's never too late to learn something new. In the end of the day, it's the spirit to make yourself better and the intention to invest some time/effort for yourself that really counts. That's one down and another 99 new things left in life to learn. Chiow! 

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