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Feels like the year just began but we are already at the last day of March. That was fast. Either time moves too fast or too slow, we still complain about it. Humans are so indecisive with what they really want. You want time to move when you want it to move?? Anyway, lets get on. I've seen bloggers and vloggers doing monthly favorites post. I thought for a change I want to share my monthly highlights and lowlights of my life. I have tried to be consistent with writing a daily journal before but it's a serious commitment which to be honest, is quite tough to keep up. Well, of course I'm not going to write a journal on my blog everyday. Instead, I want to share some interesting and the not so interesting moments of my life in a month. This way I hope to be more at present with my life and be more attentive about little details that happen in my life. Hoping to have more highlights compared to lowlights every month. Life is always about looking at the brighter side, right? …

Happy Feet.

Raise your hands if you love smooth feet! Every women would love to have a well hydrated, soft and smooth feet. Imagine if they are as smooth as baby's feet. That may be an exaggeration because that's quite impossible to achieve at this age but you get what I mean. I think women around the world would agree with my statement. I have an obsession for smooth feet. My skin has always been on the dry side no matter how hard I try to keep it hydrated. I have not found a product which can give a long lasting smooth feet. My skin is so dry that whatever I apply to my legs and feet disappears when I wake up in the morning. So I end up with my dry and sad feet again. Disappointing! If you feel sad and concerned for your feet, you're not alone sista!

On my quest to try to repair my dry feet and cracked heels, I was experimenting with numerous products. I tried low end products from the pharmacy and high end products. The results were immediate but only lasted till morning. The momen…

Milk or No Milk?

I am not against cow's milk or any dairy products derived from it. I don't even want to argue about pasteurized milk. Let's not go there. Some people have mixed opinions, some people don't see any harm in it and some people just can't start their day without it. But I am very sure there are a bunch of people who are totally against it whatsoever. I choose not to comment. Instead, I learnt the art of making soy milk. I have an obsession for anything handmade and homemade. If its out in the stores, I will learn to make it at home by any means. Simply because I am on a mission to cut down on preserved/packaged/canned food. The person to thank will be Nava because his preaching on eating habits and choices of food has been drilled into the core of my brain. Alright, enough yapping. If you still haven't guessed, I am going to share my take on the art of making soy milk. It is an ART because patience is essence and the final product is definitely worth the wait.

I pr…

10 ways to declutter you life.

1. Donate the clothes/shoes/accessories you haven't worn in the past 1 year.2. Clean out your fridge.3. Go on a 3 days fruit/juice cleanse.4. Change your bed sheets. There's nothing better than sleeping on fresh, clean sheets.5. Organize your tech gadgets. Your phone, camera, laptop, iPad and your social accounts have junk. Clean and organize.  6. Start a TO-DO list.7. Play a favorite sport/get back to your hobby.8. Read an Inspirational quote a day and write them down.9. Tear waste papers. It will make you feel better. Be sure to recycle them.10. Prayer/Gratitude for what you have.

As easy as A-B-C ......

What's the second thing we all do after waking up in the morning? Brush our teeth, duh! Not for me. Before you start saying eewww, don't get any wrong ideas. I do something else before brushing my teeth. I pop a spoonful of cold pressed sesame oil into my mouth and swish it around my mouth. Sesame oil is quite potent but I am fine with the taste. I swirl the oil around in my mouth for 10 minutes while I prepare the salt water for Jala Neti. After 10 minutes, I spit the the oil which has turned a cloudy, yellowish liquid and also doubled in volume. Then, I continue with brushing my teeth and Jala Neti. This is an ancient practise called oil pulling/oil gargling or in ayurvedic terms known as kavala graha/kavala gandoosha and I was taught this technique in my recent detox day.

Anything that goes into our body through the mouth will directly show results internally and externally. Food is the most common example that I can use to explain. In the case of fruits, even if you consu…

Life Isn't A Walk In the Park.... But why not?

My week would be incomplete if I didn't drag Mystery Man to the park. I never grew up as an outdoor person because most of my childhood was spent attending dance classes and being a nerd. I wasn't very athletic either. Surprisingly, I ended up discovering yoga and now I spend more time outdoors. Going to the park with Mystery Man has become my weekly routine. I went to 5 different parks throughout the month of January and to my surprise, every park that I visited was filled with lots of people. I was actually happy to see so many citizens opting for parks as a destination to spend a quality weekend. Babies in strollers, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and elderlies moving around the park with friends and family, exercising, chatting away and having a good time. As I was processing my thoughts, it occurred to me that most people ignore the existence of parks in our community. Not everyone, but majority. Some of the reasons I remember people mentioning to me was feeling t…

Another Day in Life: Counting Miracles.

If you haven't already known, we are having a tough time in Malaysia. The missing plane, horrific haze, lack of water supply and we have been surviving without rain for almost 3 weeks. While that's happening outside, I have struggles of my own in my personal life, not for 3 weeks but almost a year now. I am not bold enough to share those details here. While having a casual chat with a dear friend last Wednesday, I was informed that thousands of infants and children are suffocating in hospitals due to the poor air quality. Oh dear, babies can't even speak and express the pain they are going through. From that point onward, I silently prayed for the rain to pour to clear the sky and help the 'young, little souls' who are suffering in silence. On Thursday, I got out of my car and began walking towards my yoga class and the first drop of rain touched my skin. Immediately, I said thanks to nature for blessing us with rain. It wasn't much but definitely a relief.

I …

My First Time.

For many of us, we have been brain washed to think that we should start the New Year with a clean slate. It is the time to reminisce unaccomplished resolutions and to add new ones to the list. Why are we conditioned this way? Is New Year the only "right" time to drop an old habit or start something new? As I mentioned in my first post, a fresh start begins within you and does not depend on the date, actually. Change happens by choice.

This year, I was also given an opportunity to begin with a clean slate on the 31st of January along with my 'Mystery Man'. A detox day conducted by a very dear teacher/friend, Navanesan (Nava) at the Kelab Komuniti Cyberjaya. Before I share my views and thoughts, lets get into details on what we actually did on the day. My day began at 5 a.m. because we had to be at the location at 6.30 a.m. I have to admit I had mixed feelings about it. For almost a week prior to the day, I was nervous yet excited every time the thought of it came to …

10 simple things we can't live without

1. Mirror2. Keys3. Shoes4. Remote Control5. Plates6. Buttons and zippers7. Refrigerator8. Paper and pen9. Chairs10. Electricity
"Richness is not how much you have, but how little you need"

A little sugar wouldn't hurt.

I love to cook and bake. Period. Spending time in the kitchen is like a therapy. Not to mention the proud feeling that I experience every time I whip up something delicious on the first trial. I may not be the best cook(not yet), but I always appreciate the joy of sharing. Since this is my first recipe post, I thought may be we should start it on a sweet note. The one dessert that always has a special spot in my heart is gulab jamun. The first time I got my hands on these addictive sweet treat was at the age of 8. I still remember the taste of my first ever gulab jamun. I am salivating as I am typing these. The years went by and I grew up tasting gulab jamuns from various places but the biggest break through was when I actually made my own earlier this year. Everything does taste better when you make it at home. The best part is, I no longer have to yearn for store bought gulab jamuns. I can make them fresh and save up money. I shared it with some lovely people around me and the resp…

Embracing Womanhood.

Hello gorgeous! Happy International Women's Day! My heartiest wishes to every woman residing on our mighty Mother Earth. Well what do you know, even the Earth is categorized as a woman. Isn't that enough to signify how ginormous and powerful we are. Who run the world......GIRLS! I am obsessed with Beyonce and this song will surely get you pumped to celebrate yourself being a woman. I know life is tough when you are a woman and I am being very careful not to mention anything that will provoke regret/ self pity/ disappointment/ unhappy feelings. It's a day to celebrate and appreciate every women's presence and contribution to keep the world running. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and friends. Did I mention we still manage a career, perform the duties of a cook, a housekeeper, a babysitter and a nurturer. Women are probably the best multitasker that ever exist. Give yourself a pat in the back for all the AWESOME things you are doing in your life and continue t…

Do you wash your eyes?

It may sound odd to you, but eye washing practise (Chakshu dhauti in Sanskrit terms) does exist and it is an important cleansing technique according to yogic science. You need an eye cup for this practise like the one shown in the photo above. It's mine actually. I try my best to do it at least once a day but in fact, it can be done a few times in a day as you desire. Continue reading to learn more about this simple yet effective practise.

Who should do it? ANYONE. No contraindications for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Shouldn't be an issue for anyone suffering from any eye disorder but please consult your doctor if you are unsure and if you have undergone any form of eye surgery. Make sure to remove your contact lens, if you wear any, before you begin eye washing.

When to do it? ANYTIME OF THE DAY.

How to do it?
Fill up your eye cup with clean, room temperature water up to the rim. Try not to use tap water.Bring the water in contact with your eye ball.Blink and roll your e…

A Fresh Start.

Hello!!! It is my very FIRST blog post and I am super excited about it. THANK YOU for taking your precious time to visit my page and to read my posts. As you may or may not have read the little 'introduction' column on the right side of the home page, I am a yoga student/instructor-in-the-making. My life mostly revolves around yoga and the people related to this field as I chose to make it my full time career. What I love about being a student/instructor at this point in my life is I get to embrace the experience of being on both sides of the mat. When I am the student I learn to listen to instructions and this experience alone teaches me how to improve myself when I am giving instructions to others. Being on both ends of the spectrum is really an advantage because I can see what works and what to improve. 

The idea of blogging came to me when I was thinking of ways to spread the goodness that I was experiencing in yoga. Yes, we can always find classes to attend especially if y…