It's been awhile...

I haven't posted anything for over a year and a half. I had to take a minute to pause and process that thought. Here I am, a little over 21 months later, lost my voice, sick for over 6 days and feeling really beaten up by everything life throws at me. Trying this one more time. I am not fond of looking back in time unless it is a happy memory. I realized people forget and they forget to tell the truth. Oh well, late 20s kinda sucks. It literally sucks everything out of you and nobody warned me about this. Although, I haven't figured out a solution for all my crisis, I believe good things are yet to unfold.

I did discover my strengths and weaknesses during this course. I had to experiment various techniques to find temporary fixes. Ermm, my yoga practices were kind of choppy. To my surprise, I can effortlessly do a handstand now compared to 3 years ago. I had to take up a job and change a several and settle at one place where I thought will be conducive, just to discover later…

HELLO 2016!

Am I too late for the party? I'm aware I haven't been blogging as actively as I used to. But hey, things happen and sometimes people get diverted. The big deal is coming back. Returning to where you belong and to stay true to yourself. So, be bold, admit, reflect and rectify. That's what I have been holding onto during this recovery/return phase. I hope everyone who come across my blog had a splendid new year. With resolutions or no resolutions, we all deserves good things and positive growth in life. I wish you all a happy 2016 filled with happiness, success and true love. Oh and a speedy recovery for me as I've been quite beaten up with my immune system letting me down right after the new year. Hope to hear from you all soon and I will be back with my next post. Toodles.

Blogtober Day 20: Water Fasting

Have you experienced days where your appetite has just been sucked out of you completely? That''s me today. I've had it before and I usually turn into a water fast. Simple! Drink water, more water and only water. I have friends who ask me why do girls always starve themselves when they are emo. So, why not say, we are just water fasting. Haha. Of course, water fasting when done with regular intervals has some physical benefits too. Like a basic cleanse, giving a rest to your digestive system and perhaps, just indulging in the raw taste of water. Whatever reason it maybe, allow yourself to feel your core emotions, listen to yourself and do whatever your gut feelings tell you. It's okay to be not okay. Water fast or stuffing yourself, do what it takes to help you push that extra mile today. Take care!

Blogtober Day 11: Just keep swimming....

Uhm, here's an embarrassing fact about me. I couldn't swim. At least till August this year. My recent snorkeling adventure brought my biggest fear out. Then, I decided to face my fears and take up swimming lessons. So, usually I spend my Sunday being beaten up in the pool by my swimming instructor. But hey, to my surprise, I have got better at it and I see myself improving over time. At least I am able to float, flap a little like a fish and I'm confident I can somehow survive in water. Haha. Sometimes I crack myself up. On a much serious note, what this experience taught me was it's never too late to learn something new. In the end of the day, it's the spirit to make yourself better and the intention to invest some time/effort for yourself that really counts. That's one down and another 99 new things left in life to learn. Chiow!

Blogtober Day 10: Busy, busy, busy!

Oh! I've gone MIA after my day off 5 days ago. Hahaha...One day off and I get back on my hurricane schedule, which is super amazing, of course, but I start slacking on my Blogtober and my challenge. I just have to get it together. Surprising schedule changes are incredible and a shock to my system at the same time. Oh well, I have a 'take whatever comes your way' kind of attitude. Everything is under control and I'm still surviving and smiling. Alrighty, let's FOCUS! It's all about the NOW, right? I had the most exhilarating, exhausting and busy day. Besides the usual yoga class teaching, I got to be apart of a beautiful yoga open day at Organica Lifestyle, here in KL. What an amazing crowd and amazing positive energy all around! Such a privilege to join the team and to get an opportunity to do a demo at their studio. My special thanks to Shantini, the founder of Organica and Amy for always making me feel at home and allowing me to share my yoga journey with t…

Blogtober Day 5: When the I get a day off from teaching......

I indulge myself with sleep, practice and friends. Having an entire day all to myself gives me the freedom to do a lot of things which I haven't been doing. 
1) Not waking up to an alarm. 2) Take my practice really slow and change up my routine. 3) Tuning inwards and reconnecting with myself. 4) Allowing the silence of my surroundings to spark some fresh ideas and I have to warn you, it can easily turn into loneliness and sadness, but that's alright.  5) Catching up on my girly times. 6) Since I'm a girl likes to be out and about all the time, catching up with a bunch of good friends is what makes the happiest most. 7) And... of course, Facebook, Instagram, music, cute dog/cat videos and more music!
I really had a joyous day and I hope you had the same :)

Blogtober Day 3: First day at Organica Lifestyle.

Starting a new class, a new opportunity always makes me feel renewed. Touching many more lives and hearts through the gift of yoga. Moreover, the privilege of meeting new people, new ideas and discovering an amazing space like Organica are just some of the perks of my life. The first time I walked into Organica, I was immediately attracted to their fresh and one of a kind concept. It's such a brilliant idea to incorporate a yoga studio, an organic store and a cafe serving whole food and juices all under one roof! Hoping for an exciting journey from this point forward, I had a very pleasant day and I'm ending this post with a bright smile :)