Blogtober Day 5: When the I get a day off from teaching......

I indulge myself with sleep, practice and friends. Having an entire day all to myself gives me the freedom to do a lot of things which I haven't been doing. 

1) Not waking up to an alarm.
2) Take my practice really slow and change up my routine.
3) Tuning inwards and reconnecting with myself.
4) Allowing the silence of my surroundings to spark some fresh ideas and I have to warn you, it can easily turn into loneliness and sadness, but that's alright. 
5) Catching up on my girly times.
6) Since I'm a girl likes to be out and about all the time, catching up with a bunch of good friends is what makes the happiest most.
7) And... of course, Facebook, Instagram, music, cute dog/cat videos and more music!

I really had a joyous day and I hope you had the same :)

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