Day 1: Commit!

They say change is the only thing constant in life. It takes an open mind, courage and persistence to keep rolling with our ever evolving life. The rainstorm in Kuala Lumpur right now, at precisely 3.53 pm on the 30th of September, is adding an extra punch to this life sentiment. Haha! After spending the last 5 months “out of focus”, I admit I finally hit the wall this time. I took things for granted. I neglected my responsibilities. I don’t know how many yogis have been in my shoes, but I dare to confess. Whatever said and done, I have to keep moving forward. Realizing was my first step, so it will only be appropriate to take the necessary actions next.

For day 1 of blogtober, it’s all about committing! Sounds simple, but you have to put your heart, soul and mind into it. Blogtober and my Instagram yoga challenge is my commitment for this month. My blogtober series for this month is all about doing little things/changes towards contentment. Let's say 31 days of contentment. Hoping for the best, I wish all my readers to have a fruitful October 2015. Be sure to give your best shot at the #OctoberYogaSpice challenge.

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