Sleep and Its Importance.

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Remember the days when Mom used to say 'Time for bed!'. I personally feel the older we grow, the less we are bound to little instructions like this. No rules and definitely, no bed time. During my teens, I can recollect the many times I felt exhilarated because I could sleep whenever I want to without being watched over. Today, I have changed my opinion completely. I am convinced that sleep is the medicine to all wounds(physical, mental or emotional). Probably, the effect of intense yoga practices and teaching. I am nobody to tell you what is the right or wrong number of hours to sleep and I'm definitely not here to instruct you on how/when/where to sleep or to impose a bed time. Everyone has a different lifestyle, working hours and health conditions. I'm also aware some people have a FOMO (fear of missing out) and have an urge to be glued to their phones. Suit yourself and go to bed whenever you fancy a beauty sleep. The bottom line is, no one is to be forced, sleep is a choice and sleep according to your body's willingness. From my personal observation and feelings, let me share my thoughts of having a good snooze time.


  • Clear, healthy and glowing skin - Isn't that every girl's dream. Our skin cells repair and rejuvenate while we sleep, resulting in a fresher and youthful complexion. It's called beauty sleep for an obvious reason.
  • Allowing your body to heal - My work revolves around my body. All parts of my body are twisted, squeezed, bent, lifted, balanced and etc. I'm prone to injuries if I forget to be kind towards my body (I learnt that the hard way). I noticed how sleep made the pain from the injuries to subside. That's how I learnt that sleep can be a therapy for natural healing to take place.
  • An opportunity to forget - All of us including myself carry an emotional baggage, worries, fears and some forms of sorrow. There were many times I would go to bed thinking 'Okay! I'm going to give up because this is too much to handle' and need I tell you how we cry ourselves to sleep some days. Have you noticed that you feel a tad bit better when you wake up, or at least some energy to pull yourself up? Although you may have not experienced baby-like sleep but sleep is an opportunity to shut everything down, forget your existence for a couple of hours and rest your mind. Or at least your body can relax from hours and hours of emotional wreckage.
  • Recharge your batteries -  Sleeping and resting allows your system to reboot and restart. As tech savvy as that may sound, sleep restores your energy levels so that you will be able to start off a new day. 
  • Time for re-balance - Little chemical reactions inside our body makes us a complete person. While you're asleep, your internal organs get to perform its optimum function without interference from any external/physical activities. This way, the 10 different systems in our body re-balance and tries to bring it to a favorable state. Illness, diseases and disorders are results of your systems going out of balance. So, try your best to catch up with sleep. 
  • Sleep meditation - Anything you focus on is meditation. And the outcome of meditation is calmness and an overall feeling of relaxation. So, while sleeping your body and mind is doing nothing but resting and replenishing without involving intense concentration. Isn't that like meditation which requires much lesser effort? Don't get me started on the Beta and Alpha states of the brain during sleep which is a clear evidence for meditational state. 

All I need for before a good sleep are fresh, clean sheets and a nice, chilly room. Of course, spending a couple of minutes scrolling down my Instagram page, watching The Ellen Show and the ladies on The Real  crack me up with their humor while they keep it REAL. That's how I end my night. Well, it may not be a super duper yogic way to put yourself to sleep but hey! A girl needs the comfort of her favorite talk shows. So, you there! Make sure your get your sleep tonight and wake up gorgeous tomorrow. Till then, I'm sending you light and love.  


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