Blogtober Day 2: Mommy and daughter time.

The older I grow, the lesser time I spend at home. Although my work routine, social life, financial independence and time freedom have opened new doors of life for me, I don't spend much time with my family as I used to. For a change, I agreed to help my mother to run some errands and unexpectedly, one blunder led to another and she ended up staying at home the whole evening. To look at the brighter side, we decided to cook dinner together before my class. What I make out of today is, sometimes things may not happen according to your plan, disaster and setbacks occur when your least expect them. What matters during these times are how you decide to look at the scenario, keep yourself composed, and your reaction/actions will also affect the reactions/actions of the people around you. There is no set of rules to teach anyone. Personally, my yoga practice has helped me a lot to stay composed and even when I'm not, I tend to bounce back from these restless emotions way faster than I used to. I also witnessed that, when I remain open, calm, crack a joke or two and do not play the blame game, what could possibly be a stressful event has been somewhat avoided and we can focus on what to do next. Overall, I think my actions today are a result of how my yoga practice has groomed me to be a more centered woman and also creating lightness in the people around me. So, for today I am quite happy that the sudden blunder has given me the opportunity to spend some nice mommy-daughter time at home. And I wish you the same! Oh not the disaster, of course. Haha!

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