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Sleep and Its Importance.

Remember the days when Mom used to say 'Time for bed!'. I personally feel the older we grow, the less we are bound to little instructions like this. No rules and definitely, no bed time. During my teens, I can recollect the many times I felt exhilarated because I could sleep whenever I want to without being watched over. Today, I have changed my opinion completely. I am convinced that sleep is the medicine to all wounds(physical, mental or emotional). Probably, the effect of intense yoga practices and teaching. I am nobody to tell you what is the right or wrong number of hours to sleep and I'm definitely not here to instruct you on how/when/where to sleep or to impose a bed time. Everyone has a different lifestyle, working hours and health conditions. I'm also aware some people have a FOMO (fear of missing out) and have an urge to be glued to their phones. Suit yourself and go to bed whenever you fancy a beauty sleep. The bottom line is, no one is to be forced, sleep …

Dear Blog, Happy Birthday!

Bliss with Yoga turns ONE today! It wouldn't be a birthday without some chocolatey goodness and sprinkles. 365 days ago, I remember posting my very first blog post titled 'A Fresh Start' and no turning back ever since. This journey has taught me many lessons, blessed me with exciting opportunities and allowed me to connect with people in real life and from the Internet. I started out with only 5 followers(who were all friends) and today, it has reached 250 followers and I don't even have that many friends in real life. Of course, I had my share of ups and downs but everything happens for a reason, right? Before I pour my heart out further, take a look at the photo below if you would like to try this super quick eggless brownies recipe.

Time to spill the tea. Maintaining a blog, creating contents and sticking to a schedule while trying to make a living, pursuing yoga and living a yogic lifestyle is super challenging. As this day was approaching, I was going back and fo…