Blogtober Day 20: Water Fasting

Have you experienced days where your appetite has just been sucked out of you completely? That''s me today. I've had it before and I usually turn into a water fast. Simple! Drink water, more water and only water. I have friends who ask me why do girls always starve themselves when they are emo. So, why not say, we are just water fasting. Haha. Of course, water fasting when done with regular intervals has some physical benefits too. Like a basic cleanse, giving a rest to your digestive system and perhaps, just indulging in the raw taste of water. Whatever reason it maybe, allow yourself to feel your core emotions, listen to yourself and do whatever your gut feelings tell you. It's okay to be not okay. Water fast or stuffing yourself, do what it takes to help you push that extra mile today. Take care!

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