A yogini's thought: Give up or try harder?

Good day to you! While pondering on a blog post idea, I thought why not share something that sparked my spirit recently. A mixture of good times and bad times is life. The circle of life as they say it. While experiencing a series of good things can be joyful and make you feel contented, it's the down times in life which  really puts us into the test and may possibly bring the worst out of us. Another cliche statement that I've heard is you get stronger as you get older. I beg to differ from this statement. At whatever age you may be, IT'S OKAY to be vulnerable and weak. One of the most important lessons taught to me over my two years course in yoga is to avoid suppression(thoughts and feelings) and masking emotions. Every individual, every thought and every emotion is valid. What I've noticed among my other Generation Y peers is that, vulnerability, freedom of expression and down to the simple aspect of being emotional is labelled as a weakness. This is when I realized, having a yoga practice as my grounding element sets me apart from the rest. Nevertheless, I still have to find a way to blend in with other 90% people of my age group. How? Haha.. let's keep that bit of the story for another day,

Allow me to provoke your thoughts for today. When your vulnerability or strength is tested, or life just merely decides to be difficult....what's your choice? Would you choose to give up and move on or try harder till you get what's yours? Tough question. How do you decide when you presume your life is in shambles? This is where my older self actually comes in and does something that I probably wouldn't even imagine doing 5 years back. Why not try harder? Why not go that extra mile? Why not hold on for another day? Well, it's really difficult and I admit I can't pull it off most of the time. Giving up always seem easier but think of the heartache that follows that decision. Trying harder is going to be equally painstaking. Think about it, if something really affects you to this extent, wouldn't you invest your effort one more day because you know it's going to be worth it? So, girls and boys, whatever that's bothering you right now, talk, scream or cry it out and try again tomorrow! Every soul is precious and your thoughts/intentions/wishes are all VALID! I wish you a happy life.


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