Day 9: Benefits of Sun Salutations.

It's so cold and gloomy today. Even after starting my day with 12 sets of sun salutations, I still feel cold and it's a lazy kinda day. So, I took my sweet time to prepare this post and decided to keep the intro really short. Let's jump right in.


Sun salutation exercises the entire body, without a doubt. All the forward and backward bends, arms stretching and bending, and abdomen compression and stretching influences the health of the whole body. Let's see how sun salutations are beneficial for the systems in our body.

1. Digestive System

Compression and stretching of the stomach and abdominal organs acts like a massage to the internal organs. Problems related to digestive system can be eradicated.

2. Elimination System

Sun salutation stimulates the peristalsis in the intestines and prevents constipation. Increased perspiration during sun salutations allows elimination of toxins from the body and helping to prevent skin ailments. 

3. Excretory System

The kidneys are gently massaged along with improved blood circulation to these organs. The kidneys are encouraged to function properly, improving the flushing and filtering functions of the organs.

4. Circulatory System

The dynamic poses in sun salutations increases the heartbeat and improves blood circulations from and to the heart. Blood purification and elimination of waste materials take place.

5. Lymphatic System

Increase in blood circulation also helps to remove poisonous bacteria (lymphatic drainage) and aids the body to work more efficiently against illness.

6. Respiratory System

Sun salutations, when done correctly with breath awareness, accentuates the exchange of air at the lungs and exercises the muscle around the chest. You can almost feel an extra super-charge of energy.

7. Endocrine System

Sun salutation harmonizes the system, helping to regulate hormonal imbalances and directly massages the relevant endocrine glands. 

8. Nervous System

Sun salutation stretches, massages and stimulates the millions of nerves present in our body. Toning the nerves and stimulating the brain centers for better performance.

9. Muscular & Skeletal System

All the main muscles and joints are engaged during sun salutations. It is an excellent method for loosening up the body for further asana practices.

Practice, practice, practice! That's a wrap!

Reference: Yoga & Kriya by Swami Satyananda Saraswati


Doesn't that look scary? I was petrified the first time I saw the picture of this pose. The funny story is, tripod headstand is super easy. Way easier than a full headstand. This may be my favorite for this week. I feel so proud of myself for constantly practicing and not giving up at any point. I shall be kinder to my body and mind for all the great things it's allowing me to achieve. Post your attempt using the #bestrongin2015.


A midst of the gloomy day that I've been experiencing, I received my printed flyers. Woohoo! These beautiful design was done by a dear student of mine. Well, I haven't made any plans to distribute these. We shall see where the flow takes me. Happy Friday peeps!


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