Day 4: DIY body scrub. #howtobehappyjanuary

What better way to make yourself happy if you don't pamper yourself? A girl needs her dose of beauty treatment now and then. Beauty = Happiness. Let's do a DIY spa day at home to rejuvenate our body, to get glowy skin and make yourself happy. This DIY body scrub is my own recipe. I wanted some kind of scrub that would be abrasive enough to remove dead skin, so that we will be left with soft, smooth skin. The kick from the black pepper would make the skin slightly warm and improve blood flow around your skin and granulated sugar while being an abrasive scrub, it also helps with skin softening. Coconut oil is super moisturizing and a great binding agent for the scrub.

You need....

  • A tablespoon of crushed black pepper
  • A tablespoon of granulated sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
Mix it all up in a clean bowl and Voila! There you go, your own sweet & spicy body scrub. 

Moisturize, moisturize & moisturize.

  • Make sure you slather yourself with a delicious moisturizer right after a nice warm bath and I always reach out for some pure sesame oil or coconut oil.


As fancy as Vashishtasana sounds, this is just a Side Plank. You need to engage your core muscles and definitely some arm grease would be helpful to lift your body. Once you've mastered the lifting, focus on raising the waist/hips higher to achieve better stability. Post your attempt or any variation of this pose on Instagram using the #bestrongin2015.

The highlight of my day was coming across a shop which displayed this pretty paintings. Ahh! I love to be surrounded by colors and art! Well, I didn't get any, but I still cherish its beauty with this photo. Till I see you tomorrow in Day 5, good day everybody!


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