Day 6: Chickpeas Pulao

It's been months since I posted a recipe on my blog. I can't take all the credits for this recipe because it was entirely developed and prepared by my mommy. I just stood next to her and snapped photos. Oh, and savored every bite of the dish. This is a really quick recipe and will be perfect if you're looking for something to just cook for yourself. Hearty, savory and the nutty chickpeas just make it wholesome. I have to say it's got a bit of  kick from the spices and chilies. Cooking and spending time in the kitchen is my source of happiness. So, this is my take on #howtobehappyjanuary today.


For dry roasting:
Thoor dal (yellow lentils)
4 tablespoons
Urad dal (white lentils)
2 tablespoons
Cumin seeds
2 teaspoons
Curry leaves
A handful
Grated coconut
1/2 cuplll

Other ingredients: 

Seame oil
3 tablespoons
Red Chillies
Mustard seeds
1/4 teaspoon
Cumin seeds
1/4 teaspoon
Small onions
Chopped coriander
A handful
Boiled Chickpeas
3 cups
Chilli Powder
2 tablespoons
Garam Masala
2 teaspoons
To taste
2 1/2 cups

Let's begin.....

Boil the chickpeas in a pressure cooker and cook basmathi rice as usual.
Dry roast thoor dhal, urad dhal, cumin seeds and curry leaves over a medium flame. Grind it to a fine powder in a spice grinder.
Dry roast grated coconut separately.

Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, red chilies, curry leaves, chopped onions and chopper corainder.

 Add the ground spice powder along with chili powder.

Toss in the boiled chickpeas and some brown sugar(optional)

Finally, add the cooked basmathi rice, garam masala and roasted coconut. Voila! We're done!

Voila! We're done!


Something new that I have tried today. Never came across it before.  Definitely don't have the strength to do this pose yet. Give me a year...I shall practice and amaze myself. Till then, I'm going to admire the variation that I have created on my own today. Be sure to participate in this month long challenge using the #bestrongin2015. Follow me on Instagram @a_yoginis_life. Blessed day everyone.


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