Day 1: Happy New Year!

Blog a day in January!

Greetings beautiful people of the Internet! Happy 2015! To make up for my blogging hiatus last year, I thought of starting this series of 'Blog a day in January' where I will be posting everyday this month. It's something new that I am trying out and I am pretty sure it's going to be super duper fun! I will also be following the 'How To Be Happy January' series by Nikki Phillipi  and participate the #beSTRONGin2015 yoga challenge on Instagram *fingers crossed* I love to be a busy bee and indulging myself in several projects is totally up my alley. I would love to collaborate with more people throughout January and participate in the challenge. 'The more, the merrier' they say. Here's a sneak peak of the yoga challenge. Follow me on Instagram @a_yoginis_life to see how I progress with the challenge along with my daily life updates.

A walk down memory lane..... 

This is how my 2014 looked like. I must say that I had a smashing time throughout the second half of the year. 

What's Next? Resolutions??

Resolution is a big word. It intimidates me. Too much commitment and pressure. I personally feel most people fall off the bandwagon after some time. But we can always like and want things in life. I definitely would love to set some goals for myself to achieve this year. Let's say mine are more of  yogic resolutions, something less freaky, more do-able and something I would love to do everyday. Continue to count my blessings, work hard, play harder, maybe go back to dancing, embrace all the little things in life and deepen my yoga practices....those are some of my WANTS for this year. Resolution or no resolution, I just want to sprinkle more love dust to all my friends, family and students, to stay kind and bounce back from dilemmas in a jiffy. Enough said.

My first day of 2015.....

I started off the day at 6 a.m. with my complete cleansing routine including a full intestinal detox. How exciting! Hmm.... did you know from today onward, I can only eat mung beans and rice porridge? Ideally, for one month but let's see how long I can keep up with this yogic diet. They say perseverance and discipline will get you somewhere...not quite sure where? Trust me, the benefits are remarkable based on my previous experience. The only downside to doing the detox alone is the lack of motivation... It's quite difficult to motivate myself to keep going... So, what my teachers told me has been proven right today. "Group energy will drive you to move"

Not forgetting the January yoga challenge! Are you up for it?

Some of the beautiful new year wishes from my lovely friends and family to brighten up my day! I love these people!

Well, I spent the rest of the day resting, some time at the temple and taking everything slow. I hope all you had a great new year's day and rest assured, 2015 will be splendid. Take care and see you next time.


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