Day 10: My Saturday.

Happy Saturday lovelies. I decided to post something more lighthearted and random today. First of all, I am totally in love with the bright, sunny day we're experiencing here. See how pretty the sky looks in the photo. Someone recently told me that I'm a weirdo who loves sunshine in Malaysia. I do. I love warm sunshine. Gets my system going. Rainy and gloomy days just makes you lazy I think. Since it's  a Saturday, that's just like icing on the cake. Warm, bright and sunny Saturday. Ahh!! Blissful! I could just sit  and soak up all this sunlight. Everybody anticipates for the weekends I suppose. Me neither. I get to teach more and catch up with all my lovely students and friends. My Saturdays are usually more hectic compared to weekdays since everyone will be free during this time of the week for yoga and outdoor activities. I began my day with my practices and went on to conduct my first class at 8 am. We did 12 sets of sun salutations as usual and carried on with some balancing poses and inversions. Finally, ended with a 10 minutes shavasana. Then, I got back home and tried to brainstorm for today's post till I decided on this subject. Meanwhile, I had to shoot my photographs for today's #bestrongin2015 yoga challenge. Take a look at my attempt of the side crow for day 10.

The rest of my evening was spent at my Kriya Yoga class conducted by Master Mani at Malaysian Yoga Society, where I'm still learning the authentic techniques to awaken the Kundalini within me. Ooo laa laa.... As fascinating as that sounds, the practices and the path have been rocky. Tamas will be your greatest challenge, speaking from experience.

The highlight of my day was receiving this very thoughtful gift from my youngest student. The most intelligent and talented little missy that I've met. She made those macaroon key chains while I was teaching her parents. Overall, I had a peaceful Saturday and I am off to prepare for my classes tomorrow. Have a great rest of the day!

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