Day 8: Bye-bye Soreness! 5 simple ways to rejuvenate today.

I love Wednesday evenings. One time of the week where I get to be a student, an opportunity to listen and learn. Honestly, I think I have been really hard on myself and  pushing my body beyond its comfort zone. Yesterday, I did a total of 15 sets of sun salutations, 20 minutes advanced asanas in the morning and spent 2 hours doing yoga in my evening class.  Good though, because growth comes through constant effort. I chose this path hence, I will invest my time, heart and soul into it every day. Soreness and pain are just a little setbacks. I truly see it as a victory for my hard work. In order to keep going, I have to be kind towards my body with mini pampering sessions. I don't like using creams and gels and pills are a no-no to me. My rejuvenation therapies are more old fashioned.

*Disclaimer: I am not an expert in Sports Therapy, this is what works for me, my simple ideas and methods to treat myself. Do not quote me on anything. Always listen to your body and choose one therapy that you will feel comfortable doing.

1. Ice, Ice honey!

Heat treatments are good but ice packs are my go-to treatments. You know how FROZEN things make you LET IT GO! Ice treatment or cryotherapy can be very soothing to your muscles, especially if you live in a sunny wonderland like Malaysia. 

2. Rock Salt Compress.

I prefer this method over hot water bags. I feel a much faster relief. So, you want to take about 2 cups of rock salt and toss it on a pan over medium heat. Once you see smoke and hear them pop, place it on a thick cotton cloth and tied it up into a compress. Place the cloth on affected areas and enjoy the warmth!

3. Soak yourself.

If making a salt compress is too much work, add the rock salt directly into your warm bath water. If you can soak in a tub of warm salt water, that will be perfect. Warm water and salt helps ease stiff muscles and relaxes your whole body. 

4. Feel yourself kneaded.

Massages are a girl's best friend. Enough said. Give yourself a gentle massage to improve blood circulation to fatigued muscles. Better yet, make someone do it for you. 

5. Go Easy!

Experiencing sore muscles are not an excuse to back out of your practices and workout routine. Instead, turn down your practice today and focus on stretches to give a relief to your body. Try out something new today and focus on relaxing poses. Shavasana will be a great help!

To sum up everything, fatigue is a sign your body needs rest. Try to sleep a little earlier, treat yourself to something nice, probably your favorite food or just a dessert. Revitalize yourself and be happy! We've got to climb another mountain tomorrow! #howtobehappyjanuary


When I saw this picture yesterday, I thought it was going to be impossible for me to get into the pose. I realized how the mind can be deceiving over your own potential. I have to thank my teacher for guiding on the techniques of this pose yesterday. Today, I believe my body and mind are stronger than what I think. Doing this challenge and immersing myself in yoga makes believe in myself and strive for greater things.


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