The M word.....

What's the M word?

Something that I cannot fathom. Something that I'm unable to learn. I admit, I don't know how it feels. Is meditation all about sitting in a quiet space and letting your mind wander? Are you supposed to be monitoring your breath throughout your quiet time? Let's see what the dictionary says about meditation.

:  to engage in contemplation or reflection
:  to engage in mental exercise (as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the            purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness

Hmmm....contemplate, reflect and reach high level o spiritual awareness. That's deep! Well, I am very sure I am not at that level yet, probably someday I will, when I've felt the calling. Truth be told, I have only encountered people who are way older to me mentioning the word meditation. Personally, I have not seen anyone in their early 20's mentioning the word meditation to me. That made me think. Is meditation something that comes with age? Does that mean you have to wait to find your inner peace? I look at babies and children, they don't spend time in quiet rooms chanting and breathing, yet they have way more inner peace compared to adults. I think that innocence, nonjudgmental and carefree behavior is something beyond meditation.

Food for Thought

I may or may no meditate. It may or may not come to me. Currently, considering my age, my surroundings and the very little knowledge that I have, I choose to define meditation differently. Meditation to me is doing what I love. I feel happiness and inner peace when I do the things that I love the most. I enjoy my zen time when I am in the kitchen, cooking, baking and creating something new and healthy for my blog posts.Without me realizing, blogging has brought many positive changes into my life, helped me discover my love for reading, writing and photography. Blogging is my second form of meditation. My third way of having some zen time was a secret for many years. It's actually a craft form called quilling/paper filigree. Something that taught me patience and focus. See! It's not necessary to find peace by allocating time and space for it. When you do something that your heart loves and cherishes, inner peace and happiness will come from within you. That's my definition of meditation. Ask yourselves, what is the one thing you enjoy doing and love the most. Take an hour this week and spend time with it. Let me know how it felt.

Have a great rest of the day my lovelies! TTFN!


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