Bye-bye June!

I remember posting New Month, New Hope at the beginning of June and today, we wave bye-bye to June. What happened in between, everything seems blurry. I had my ups and downs throughout the month of June, but no regrets or whatsoever. Before I start yapping off topic, let me share with you some of my June highlights and some not so fun-lights.


1. Summer Splits 2014 Challenge was so much fun. Then, I became ill and fell off the bandwagon. *sigh*

2. I'm done! Yes! Completed my Yoga Instructors Course! Advance level was gruesome but worth the time and effort! Graduation here I come!

3. Embracing friendships everyday.

4. Diligently practicing for the competition in August. This is way tougher than I imagined. But, I am seeing improvement in my flexibility, strength and stamina. Yippee!!

5. Apparently, I have lost weight according to those around me. That's a good news. 

6. Getting super busy by the day but I am not complaining.

7. As though I've had an Amnesia, I am A completely different person today compared to who I was a month ago. One month can make such a difference.

8. Instagram can change lives!

9. My love for trees continues to grow!


1. Second week of June was disastrous. I was terribly ill due to overworking my body with asanas. Lesson learnt the hard way.

2. My blog had to be neglected for some time due to my tight schedule and my physical conditions. Not happy about it.

3. I reached the peak of my stress level towards the end of June, some crappy situations. *sigh*

4. Being young, confused and vulnerable. Not a good combination. 

That wasn't so bad. I have learnt from my mistakes and definitely had some good fun throughout June. July is going to be super exciting. I've tweaked my schedule to allocate more time for blogging. Fresh ideas and exciting news coming up. More opportunities are waiting for me and new changes to life. Can't wait for July. Don't forget to join the #IndependenceARMy challenge throughout the month of July. Say bye to June and HELLO July!


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