Feels like the year just began but we are already at the last day of March. That was fast. Either time moves too fast or too slow, we still complain about it. Humans are so indecisive with what they really want. You want time to move when you want it to move?? Anyway, lets get on. I've seen bloggers and vloggers doing monthly favorites post. I thought for a change I want to share my monthly highlights and lowlights of my life. I have tried to be consistent with writing a daily journal before but it's a serious commitment which to be honest, is quite tough to keep up. Well, of course I'm not going to write a journal on my blog everyday. Instead, I want to share some interesting and the not so interesting moments of my life in a month. This way I hope to be more at present with my life and be more attentive about little details that happen in my life. Hoping to have more highlights compared to lowlights every month. Life is always about looking at the brighter side, right? Hope you all had a great month and cheers to AWESOME APRIL.


1. I began my blogging journey. 

2. I celebrated my birthday. No, I'm not going to tell you my age.

3. I disciplined myself and attended my yoga classes consistently to finish up my remaining hours for the intermediate level.

4. I got more opportunities to teach and financially support myself.

5. I saw 4 squirrels this month. Squirrels are fascinating to look at and if you live in the city, it's a rare sight.

6. Rekindled old friendships and made new friends. They just make me feel better.

7. Successfully achieved side plank pose. So proud of myself.

8. Took a few seconds to watch a tree, a flower plant or even grasses nearby while waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

9. Did not fuss or frown every time it rained. This time I smiled on every single rainy day.


1. Shed a few tears here and there.

2. Disappointments.

3. Lost my temper a few times.

4. Heartbreaks and all that jazz.

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