Happy Feet.

Raise your hands if you love smooth feet! Every women would love to have a well hydrated, soft and smooth feet. Imagine if they are as smooth as baby's feet. That may be an exaggeration because that's quite impossible to achieve at this age but you get what I mean. I think women around the world would agree with my statement. I have an obsession for smooth feet. My skin has always been on the dry side no matter how hard I try to keep it hydrated. I have not found a product which can give a long lasting smooth feet. My skin is so dry that whatever I apply to my legs and feet disappears when I wake up in the morning. So I end up with my dry and sad feet again. Disappointing! If you feel sad and concerned for your feet, you're not alone sista!

On my quest to try to repair my dry feet and cracked heels, I was experimenting with numerous products. I tried low end products from the pharmacy and high end products. The results were immediate but only lasted till morning. The moment I jumped into the shower, my skin returned to being dry and that made me upset. One fine day, I had my light bulb moment again and I came up with this wacky idea. I don't know if you know but I use sesame oil for my oil pulling practise every morning. So one night I applied some sesame oil and massaged it on my feet including the soles of the feet and heels. I would say this was my act of desperation. YOLO! Obviously I didn't walk around with my oil covered feet, so I put on some fancy socks and I left it on overnight. Yes I am wearing two different sock because I am just cool that way.

Well what do you know, I woke up with soft and smooth feet the next morning. To my surprise, this time the results lasted for more than 2 days. I was impressed. So I sat down to research on it and to learn more about the benefits of sesame oil for skin care. I have listed below some important facts on sesame oil.

  • Sesame oil has a thick consistency and be applied as a moisturizer or emollient to your skin and hair. It is safe to be used by anyone regardless of your skin conditions. Safe for babies, pregnant and nursing mothers, person suffering from sensitive skin or extreme skin disorders. 
  • Sesame oil has healing and antibacterial properties. It helps speed up the healing of cuts, wounds and skin abrasion. Sesame oil also prevents bacterial infections and open wounds and inflammation. 
  • Sesame oil helps to repair dry and damaged skin. The sticky and thick consistency of the oil "glues" itself to the skin for a longer time and penetrates deep into the skin to repair dry elbow, knees, callus and cracked heels. 
  • The moisturizing and repairing properties of sesame oil slows down skin aging. Antioxidants  in the oil reduces formation of wrinkles and fine lines on skin surface.

Since discovering this life changing routine, I have been religiously applying sesame oil to my feet every night before bed. Wearing the socks over it keeps my feet warm at night and the heat actually allows the pores on your skins to absorb the oil. It's true. I actually removed my socks after 2 hours and there was no sign of oil and my feet were completely soft and smooth. Now who wouldn't want that. Feel free to use any other oil if you don't like the smell  of sesame oil. I tried almond oil too, but the results were not that impressive. My suggestion would be, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil with the sesame oil to have a more pleasant scent. I am not sure about its usage to the facial skin because skin conditions differ according to individuals. I would say its safe for other parts of your body to achieve soft and supple skin. It's inexpensive, effective and a chemical free way to protect your skin.  Give yourself or your loved one a little foot massage with sesame oil and let me know how did it work for you.


*Disclaimer: Information provided above are mostly from my personal experience and results may vary for individuals. Duration of healing and recovery of skin may also vary depending on the severity of the condition. If you are concerned about skin allergies or have any queries on the effects of sesame oil, consult a professional dermatologist, a doctor or an experienced yoga instructor before you start this routine.


Today we celebrate 'Something on a Stick' Day!

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