Another Day in Life: Counting Miracles.

'Rain drops' by Caitlin Doyle

If you haven't already known, we are having a tough time in Malaysia. The missing plane, horrific haze, lack of water supply and we have been surviving without rain for almost 3 weeks. While that's happening outside, I have struggles of my own in my personal life, not for 3 weeks but almost a year now. I am not bold enough to share those details here. While having a casual chat with a dear friend last Wednesday, I was informed that thousands of infants and children are suffocating in hospitals due to the poor air quality. Oh dear, babies can't even speak and express the pain they are going through. From that point onward, I silently prayed for the rain to pour to clear the sky and help the 'young, little souls' who are suffering in silence. On Thursday, I got out of my car and began walking towards my yoga class and the first drop of rain touched my skin. Immediately, I said thanks to nature for blessing us with rain. It wasn't much but definitely a relief.

I was out with Mystery Man yesterday evening and our evening ended on a sour note due an unexpected obstacle. We were sitting in a restaurant and I couldn't bear the sadness anymore, I couldn't control my tears and I was surrounded by people around. I was fighting with myself not to let my tears roll down my cheeks and I lost the battle. It's a terrible thing to go through, never imagined I would be crying in a restaurant. Times I wish I could be invisible.

Anyway, I WOKE UP this morning. While going through this depressive state which to be honest, I'm becoming quite accustomed to. It rained again today. And this time, it was more like a downpour. I stood next to my window, tears rolled down my cheeks again. This time, not because I was sympathizing myself. The nature has once again blessed us with rain. I am thankful because it's chance for the environment to improve, clearer sky and a cooler weather. It's a blessing for every single one of us especially the infants and children who have been battling for clean air. I sincerely pray for every single child to get better. Yes, my own problems still exists but I would rather count the blessings around me rather than sulk about myself. Maybe the next time you are overwhelmed by something, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Say thanks to the nature.


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