A Fresh Start.

 Hello!!! It is my very FIRST blog post and I am super excited about it. THANK YOU for taking your precious time to visit my page and to read my posts. As you may or may not have read the little 'introduction' column on the right side of the home page, I am a yoga student/instructor-in-the-making. My life mostly revolves around yoga and the people related to this field as I chose to make it my full time career. What I love about being a student/instructor at this point in my life is I get to embrace the experience of being on both sides of the mat. When I am the student I learn to listen to instructions and this experience alone teaches me how to improve myself when I am giving instructions to others. Being on both ends of the spectrum is really an advantage because I can see what works and what to improve. 

The idea of blogging came to me when I was thinking of ways to spread the goodness that I was experiencing in yoga. Yes, we can always find classes to attend especially if you live in Kuala Lumpur. Generally, the things you learn this week won't be the same next week. So I was always curious about how much do people remember from what they learn? How do they practice if they cannot remember what they have learnt? This is when the bulb in my head lighted  up. TING! 'Bliss with Yoga' was born. I wanted to create a place where anyone can come and refresh their memory on what has been taught and continue to enjoy the benefits at home. My version of an online library.

'Yoga' by Jack Affleck
Although this blog is primarily dedicated to yoga related topics, I do want to make it more fun by sharing my thoughts and insights on various activities and subjects. I will be including some food and nutrition related posts along with information on health issues and general wellness. Do send me your questions and requests so that I can do more posts on them. I really hope anyone reading will benefit from the posts and use it as a guide to lead a better life. Every single post does not contain my effort alone. I have a bunch of people helping me along the way. I want to take a moment to appreciate and thank everyone who is helping me make this effort possible. You know who you are. They will be constantly mentioned along my journey of blogging. 

We may have passed the first day of the New Year, but I believe it is never too late to start a new journey. Come join me and lets have a FRESH START! 


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