Challenge Time! Get those Arms Ready!

Although I enjoyed the Summer Splits Challenge, I could not commit to it fully because I became ill halfway through the challenge. That's not an excuse to give up. Time to take up the July challenge. It's all about the arms this month. I have to admit, I have jello arms. My arms are probably the weakest in my entire body. Scorpion pose and handstands are almost impossible in my dictionary. Well, I may be exaggerating, because I have built a lot of strength and stamina in one year. But not quite there yet. Nothing is going to crush my spirit. I am going to be tackling the #Independence ARMy challenge and the 30 day arm challenge for the whole month of July. Don't forget to tag me in your pictures using @a_yoginis_life on Instagram. Join me and let's do this together. Girl Power!


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