Let's talk Spring Cleaning.

I am aware my brothers and sisters on the west coast are embracing their Spring May. I am also aware how much they love this time of the year for the sunshine, beach parties, pretty flowers and colorful outfits. Need I say more about spring cleaning? Spring cleaning itself seems like a party. OHH JUICE CLEANSE!!! I'm amazed by the number of juice and smoothie ideas that pops up in my notification every day. I feel great to see people taking effort to share a recipe or two just to help everyone out there. People worldwide seem to love the summer time. I am glad that people are focusing on cleaning their body and not just their homes. Well my spring cleaning began way earlier, January to exact. Read more on it here. Time for an update on what really happened after my cleansing. Hmmm, how do I begin this. I FELT ill! Yes, right after the detox. It felt like I was having a high fever, sore throat, cold and all that exciting things without actually being sick. I don't know if you get what I mean. My whole body felt ill without actually being ill. So I slept a lot. Before I continue, I should probably tell you why I chose to go though a detox in the first place. Since September 2010, the moment I began my life in university, out of nowhere I started experiencing severe menstrual cramps. The pain was so intense that I could not live without taking a painkiller every month on the first day of my menses. So this continued for 3 years of my university life with painkillers every month. University life came to an end, I began practicing yoga, maintained a  healthier diet and a much relaxed lifestyle, but the cramp kept coming back. I was very concerned because I know this could lead to infertility. I knew it's time to do something about it, and as recommended by my teacher, I signed up for the Shatkarma Workshop. Let's fast forward to a month after detox, few days earlier before my menses, I felt a pricking pain in my left ovary. That made me nervous. To my surprise, when it came to my first day of menses, I felt no cramp at all. It was weird for me to have a  pain-free menstrual after 3 years. Let's fast forward a little bit more, three months after the detox, you know the pricking pain I felt in my ovary, I feel it every month on one side of the ovary while ovulating. That's because the ovary swells a little during ovulation. I no longer experience menstrual cramps, free from painkillers and my monthly cycle is accurate as calculated. Can a woman ask for more? Wanna know a little bit more, I lost more weight! I have soft, smooth, clear and glowing skin. My friends ask me all the time what's the secret to my skincare. I laugh and I tell them water! I only wash my face with water. I constantly got pimples throughout my teens and early twenties. Not anymore. I also have a regular sleep pattern, proper digestion and bowel movement, a much powerful immunity and a clearer breathing passage (never had morning colds and probably will never experience it ever in my life...thanks to jala neti). If you ever get a chance to join a Shatkarma Workshop, never miss it. It could be your solution to many problems you have been facing. Probably the best spring clean you could give yourself in a lifetime. Enjoy your spring my lovelies!


*For those who are interested in participating the Shatkarma Workshop, please contact me and  I will update you on the dates and other details via email. I know arrangements have to be made if you're travelling from other countries. We can work something out for you.

Yoga is all about sharing its benefits with everyone no matter where you come from.

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