World Autism Awareness Day

I hope everyone survived April Fools' Day. I know I did. Last Friday, I got to know that today is the World Autism Awareness Day. I don't know much about autism. I've read about it but I will still claim I don't know much about it. Autistic or not, I love children and today is the day to celebrate these special children. Every child is a valuable gift and let's cherish their presence on this special day. Anyone who has a child, a sibling or a friend who is autistic, try your best to spread the awareness to the people you know. Treat these kids equally as you treat others. If they are nurtured and given proper attention, they will be great kids. Try not to resent or give up on these children, instead be the better person, be patient and loving towards them. Unconditional love and patience can never go wrong with kids. Be kind to one another. 


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