1. I was consistent with my blog post. *phew*

2. A fun night out with my girlfriends every Thursday.

3. I had more encounters with squirrels this months. To be precise, 3 squirrels on the same day. 

4. I am more at peace with myself and slowly learning to let go things which used to bother me.

5. Completed my Intermediate Yoga Instructor Course. Woohoo!!! That was a well spent 150 hours.

6. Created more healthy breakfast/snack ideas for my blog. Improving everyday to be a better cook.

7. Prioritize, prioritize and prioritize! Avoid overwhelming myself with too much to do.

8. Peaceful sleep every night. 

9. Surrounding myself with wonderful friends. Souls who truly appreciate my presence in their lives. 


1. Some tough decisions had to be made in my personal life. Truth be told, it was no longer under my control.

2. Adapting to changes is always difficult.

3. I learnt to prioritize the hard way. No matter how many people choose to disagree with me.

4. Betrayal! Nuff said.

5. Broken heart, tears and sorrow.


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