My 2014 Journey.....

With only a few days left before we wave goodbye to 2014, maybe it's time to rewind. Take a look back at how we blossomed or at least crawled through the year. Well, I did both. Some days I danced my way through like a graceful ballerina and there were times when I did not want to get out of bed, yet dragged myself up. But, I have NO REGRETS! Surprised? Me neither. I only feel grateful for all the experiences. Growth is a bumpy ride but totally worth the patience and efforts. The biggest excitement and joy that keeps me going everyday is my passion for YOGA. My ongoing yoga journey brought many unexpected twists, challenging pit stops and gratifying success. The meaning behind 'count your blessings' makes more profound sense today. With the spirit to strive to become better, to grow kinder and stay grounded, I bid farewell to the fantabulous 2014.

Highlights of my 2014 Yoga Journey.....

1. Weight Loss!!!

    Losing some weight definitely has its high points. You look amazing in outfits, feel lighter in inversions and asanas and the greatest happiness is when you can share the no-secret method with others and inspire them to do so. You know what's even better, you don't gain the weight easily too. You don't go through the peaks and valleys on the weight chart.

2.  My flexibility, posture and stamina got better!

       You know the proud feeling that spreads through your body when you can successfully stay in Bakasana or lift your body off the floor in Astavarkrasana. That's an awesome feeling which every yogi can relate to. Having the energy to teach flow yoga, standing and sitting with an aligned posture and an increase in overall energy are some of the victory through practices.

3. Mental and emotional strength.

      I usually think twice whenever I need to advice somebody regarding mental and emotional health or merely just discussing the subject. The sensitivity of the topic kind of intimidates me. Let's just talk about me here. From my personal observation, I have become more optimistic, open-minded towards various situations and easily bounce-back from emotional spurs. Kindness has become my mantra in life. 

4. Friendship balloons!

    Those who have known me for a long time, I am a balloon lover! Balloons excite me! All the beautiful friends that I have made along the way this year make me feel like I'm being surrounded by hundreds of balloons!

5. Touching lives through my words.

    Apart from being a yoga instructor, teaching asanas, pranayama and meditation, sometimes I'm in awe how much my personal sharing and information help others to lead a healthy and peaceful life.
Truly a blessing.

6. Endless Knowledge.

    Learning is a life-long process in yoga. What I have learnt this far is equivalent to a drop in the ocean. Learning and the knowledge of yoga makes me feel humble and realize the long journey that I must embark to continue developing myself. Learning partner yoga, yoga therapy and kriya yoga was enlightening. To learn, live and grow your passion is a beautiful gift.

7. Freedom of creative expressions.

    Blogging, photography and teaching has carved the platform for me to express ideas, information and thoughts. It also gave me the opportunity to reach out and connect with people from all over the world and share this amazing journey with them.

8. A life changing cleanse.

      I am a believer of the yogic shatkarmas. I have felt the benefits and witnessed so many people experience transformation. Continuing the practices every single day has only led to a better life.

9. Uncountable Injuries. Ouch!

       Where do I even begin describing those exciting times? Especially, the worst lower back injury that I encountered in July which is still pricking me a little till today. Well, it just taught me to be kinder to my body and be less abusive.

10. Making it happen!

        This year undoubtedly made a 180 change in my life. I still feel an out of body experience every time I see myself as a yoga instructor, a blogger, a yoga student and a self employed little girl. Standing up for what I love, breaking some hearts and bones, pushing through each day even during extreme situations, I feel immensely proud looking at how far I've come. Achieving the unexpected feels NEW.

I take this time to send my love and gratitude to my parents, teachers, beautiful friends and fellow students. With a heart full of gratitude, happiness, sweet memories, new spirit and peace, bye-bye 2014. Hope all of you had a wonderful year and I will be anticipating to reconnect with everyone in ENCHANTING 2015!


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