Well, after waiting for over a year, I cannot believe I'm saying this, but we graduated! Yesterday, with my fellow MAYI graduates/friends, I experienced one of the most meaningful graduation ceremonies of my life. The organizers and staffs of MAYI had put together an event that exceeded my imagination. I am absolutely moved by this life changing graduation ceremony, especially when I get to share with my dearest friends and family. The joy and proud feeling of achieving this great gift after all the hard work and dedication... Aahh!! Tears of Joy! As much as I am embracing this success, I am also very much aware of the huge responsibility that I have to fulfill. All the precious knowledge that has been taught to me have to reach others. I take this moment to send my heartfelt gratitude to Master Manisekaran (in the photo) and Master Navanesan for nurturing and guiding me throughout the year. If it wasn't for these two great souls, I wouldn't have begun this special journey, This particular journey was unique in its own right, and has created a space and community that I know that I will continue to carry with me into my future endeavors towards learning and teaching yoga. What's next?? Teach, learn and practice. The graduation actually marks the beginning of a new journey, to further my studies and continue sharing as much as I can. So, this is a not a goodbye and more of a see-you-soon to all my friends at MAYI. Can't wait!  ~M~

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